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Rejoice, He has Risen

April 4, 2021
Resurrection Sunday is a special time we reflect specifically on Jesus overcoming the grave and being raised back to life.  Let's look at the interaction of both the guards and…

Triumphal Entry

March 28, 2021
Palm Sunday marks the celebration of Jesus coming to Jerusalem for His final week as a human.  His entry symbolized that He was being welcomed as King.  Have you ever…

Knowing Our Shepherd

March 21, 2021
Throughout the bible, there are plenty of references to shepherding and sheep.  Its important to understand how shepherds interacted with their flocks and how they followed their shepherd.  Sheep know…

Comfort in Suffering

March 14, 2021
So often we don't think of comfort when we are suffering.  We need to realize that we can truly be comforted in all circumstances and at all times.  With today's…

Revealed Wisdom

March 7, 2021
God has revealed His wisdom to those who wait and love Him.  We receive this wisdom from God and not from the world.  Now more than ever we need to…


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