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Staying Solid in the Shaking

September 12, 2021
The world is being shaken all around us, but the bible reminds us that we are inheriting a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.  Listen as Pastor John describes how we…

Revive Us Again

September 5, 2021
Revival is important to us.  But how much have you really thought about what revival is, especially when compared to an outpouring.  We need revived as a church.  Listen as…

Stir Us Up

August 29, 2021
Paul encourages Timothy to stir up the gift that God has given him.  Sometimes we need encouraged to be stirred up as well.  Listen as Pastor John dissects that exact…

Pressing On

August 22, 2021
So often the enemy tries to get us distracted and have "little things" pop up throughout our week.  Its important for us to get our focus on Jesus though and…

We are Beloved

August 15, 2021
One of main character traits shown in the Bible is that of love.  Listen as Pastor John looks at what it means to love others as yourself and to love…
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