Getting Involved

So you’ve been attending and looking to get involved with volunteering at New Life?

That’s great!  Our services depend on volunteers.  We have so many different opportunities for you to serve.  If you’re not sure where you’d be a best fit, or what group needs help currently, ask one of the Elders or Pastors where you might be able to fill the greatest need.  If you already know an area you’d like to help in, but aren’t sure who heads it up, read below for that group, and a brief description of some of the duties of that role.


Kim Meyer leads this group of dedicated teachers. They love interacting with your kids and teaching them God’s Word.

Kim Meyer and her team helps relieve young mothers and fathers and take care of your young ones who might be too young to take part in the children’s church portion of the service.

Pastor John heads up the group who handles the lyrics, videos, and scriptures you see on the screens during service, as well as setting microphone and instrument levels each week.

Kim Meyer and the rest of the smiling faces that meet you at the door, help you carry items in and make sure you’re welcome from the second you step foot out of your car.

Pastor John is currently overseeing the group that interacts with the teens and helps grow them into mature adults.

Dave Steininger plans out the helps ministry for ushers from everything from making sure communion is distributed smoothly, to helping take up a special offering, to guiding people to their seat at appropriate times after service starts and much more.

Mick Hoff has a passion for bringing the message of the Gospel to those outside the church. Meeting to pray over the city and talk to strangers is what they do well.