Past Sermon Messages

Hear a message during our service and want to pass it along to someone who wasn’t there?  We have our messages archived on the website for you to access whenever is convenient for you.

Walking in Freedom

February 21, 2021
Sometimes we need to remember that we all started somewhere.  When we set out on the journey that God had planned for us, God planted us right where He wanted. …

For God So Loved

February 14, 2021
God is love.  We sometimes rush through John 3:16 and other scriptures and don't fully reflect on how loving God is.Listen as Pastor John dives into God's love for us.

The Finished Work of Christ

February 7, 2021
Jesus' final words on the cross is "It is finished".  We sometimes pass these words by so quickly that we don't meditate on it and fully think about what Jesus…

Jesus – Our Foundation

January 24, 2021
Our world is shifting around us.  While everything is shifting, we need to realize that we can stand on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.  God led Pastor John to…

Empowered by the Spirit

January 17, 2021
Just like we rely on electrical power in our homes for so many things, we need Holy Spirit's power for so many things in our own lives.  God wants you…
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